What Should I Write About

Back in 2010, when I first thought of starting a personal blog, I was faced with a crucial question: —What should I write about? Every aspiring blogger has to answer that question. Continue reading

Rest in Peace

This blog is dead!? Well, perhaps that’s a somewhat of a sensationalist overstatement, but let me quickly get to the point, I’ll not write about logo design on this blog anymore. That’s it. The end. Das end. Fin. Finito. Finis. … Continue reading

The Best of Ray Vellest 2012

Even thought the world didn’t end this year, 2012 is about to finish, and it’s the time for another insightful end-of-the-year blog post, where I take the time to review the best of my blog, my accomplishments of the year, … Continue reading

The Day I Lost my Password List

If there’s something which I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with, already for some time, is the sheer amount of websites in which I’m registered with, especially because, I started to create profiles on every single social media website that … Continue reading

Random Famous Logos

Searching for free vector logos to download on the web is something that every designer needs to do at least once in their working lifetime. If is to be used on actual client work or a school project, having a library … Continue reading

WoordUp Screenshot

A few months ago I start blogging at WoordUp, a site to satisfy my personal daily inspirational fix. There I cover a wide variety of subjects including art, design, books, films, documentaries and a bunch of other interesting things I … Continue reading

Apple Logo Sketch

Apple logo sketch designed by Rob Janoff. I’m constantly writing about the subject of brand identity design on this website, which by-the-way was the first website I have ever designed from scratch, up to development in WordPress, to then, writing hundreds of … Continue reading

Free 2012 Calendar Template Overview Close Up

This free 2012 calendar template was created with the goal of helping you to put a calendar with your own brand on your own clients’ desks. Calendars are promotional items recognised worldwide for its strong marketing and branding value. Continue reading

The Best of Ray Vellest 2011

Even though I’ve been blogging for more than two years, this is the first time that I am writing a end-of-the-year sort of blog post. I believe the main reason behind this delay is the fact that it was only in 2011 that I started to feel comfortable with my own writing. Continue reading

Welcome to Brixton by Lucie Conoley

Brixton is one of the most trendy places of London. Here you’ll find communities from all over the world, and since I also speak Portuguese and Spanish, just by visiting a local market gives me the opportunity to keep my language skills sharp on a daily basis. Fantástico! Continue reading