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3 Ways to Get Your Twitter Account Suspended

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If you haven’t heard of it yet, Twitter have two very important guidelines you should abide to prevent your account from being suspended. They are the Following Rules and Best Practices and the Automation Rules and Best Practices. I went trough these guidelines quite extensively, and here are the three reasons I find it’ll get your account suspended.

1. Are You Inadvertently Spamming People?

Repeatedly sending the same link to several people in a short period of time is against Twitter Terms of Service. Even long time users of Twitter can get their accounts suspended for this reason. It does not matter if you’re trying to create awareness to your service, blog or even a charity cause. Spamming users is against Twitter’s guideline.

2. Are You Massively Following and Unfollowing Users?

Follow and unfollow users with the intention of gathering their attention or building a followers base is also against Twitter Terms of Service. You are most certain to have your account suspended if you’re using an automated tool, but you’re also at risk if your are manually following and unfollowing users in masses. The current Twitter Following Rules and Best Practices limit every account to 1,000 new followers a day, and there are even more restrictions if you’re following more than 2,000 people.

3. Are You Creating Multiple Accounts?

This is certainly not the most common reason to have your account suspended. Nonetheless, best safe than sorry, if you think you have a valid reason for creating multiple accounts file a ticket support and explain what are you planning to do. You may get approval for that as there are legitimate reasons for a user to have more than one account.

Twitter is not preventing users from participating on the community, they are merely setting guidelines to protect their community and provide a better user experience. If you already got your account suspended simply file a support ticket and explain your situation. My guess is they’ll gladly help you sort this out.

What about you? Have you got a Twitter account suspension story to tell?

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  1. @yahoo-V5BDS2TUWY7E34VYV4SJH4FM3M:disqus – I wouldn’t waste time commenting on forums either.  I’ve heard the internet is just a fad … 🙂

  2. Got suspended today. Not sure why. I’ve looked over all of the rules, and can’t figure it out. Hoping Twitter will reinstate me, as I was getting some great engagement on my site Twitter ( was my 3rd largest traffic source (facebook next, and direct traffic 1st). I followed about 1,000 users in a couple days when I first opened the account, but since then, I have only followed another 950 or so over the course of a month, and have about 500 followers. I have not been spamming or doing any of the things identified above. Hopefully I’ll see this turn around and get reinstated, and hopefully Twitter changes their approach. This is not only inconvenient, it makes my site look bad when someone sees a “suspended” message there.

  3. Plz proofread & edit this posting. Now about twitter, I once unfollowed 500 people in one day & twitter suspended me for 7 days. The best way to be sure you don’t have this happen to you is by avoiding unlimited unfollow apps. Stick with because it limits you to 50, which I consider to be a safe number. Oh, follow me, @evablogger TY

  4. Just got suspended. No reason nor explanation. No warning. Very poor
    customer service. I didn’t break any rules. I have appealed and don’t
    expect much. This will be good news to those Twitter bashers as it will
    make for alternatives.

    • Not following many, not tweeting much, no spam. Only thing I can think of is someone didn’t like my tweet and reported it as inappropriate?? Does that happen?

  5. i just made a twitter account. havent started tweeting, following people etc and i got suspended at once!!! what a crap….

  6. i honestly believe they suspend accounts for other reasons that what you mentioned. i have signed up for about 10 accounts over the last month with twitter and they all got suspended within 24 hours. some of them were suspended within hours, before i even got a chance to tweet, although tweeting was never my intent anyway; i just wanted to get news from my favorite news companies. what i was doing was signing up for them, signed up for news companies like CNN, Huffington Post, etc probably about 20 or so news companies and then i’d log in the next day, suspended. i have done this as i’ve said about 10 times now and i’m jus done making accounts. whats the point of creating a service if you’re just going to not reveal the rules. if i can only sign up for 5 follows a day, fine, then state that but Twitter shouldn’t just leave people in the dark about it and then suspend them.

    since i was signing up for news via their suggested people to follow box, i was just adding them. maybe they just need to remove that box because the first thing it tells you is to follow people but i’m guessing if you follow too many people, you’re auto-suspended in a few hours. i mean come on srsly, all i want to read is the damn news. it’s like they want you to sign up, but don’t do anything!

    oh and you can forget about sending in tickets. they don’t even look at those. when my first account was suspended about a month ago, i sent a ticket. i have YET to receive a response.

  7. I have been suspended twice in 1 week. The first time I was following a lot of people, but I was new and didn’t know. Now I get suspended again and I only followed about 30 people. Anyway follow me 🙂 @HimSupplements [after my account is unsuspended] err

  8. First time using twitter to promote my personal training business and it will probably be my last! I got suspended twice in one day. Twitter sucks and I smell an open market for something better! *myspace-crash* Developers, get your thinking caps on!

  9. well i spoke to some veteran twitter friends of mine and found out that the key to not getting suspended by following too many is that they said you have to keep an even balance of followers vs following. for instance if you just sign up for twitter and then follow 20-25 people, your account will get flagged as a spammer and you will get suspended, no questions asked. you cannot follow significantly more ppl than you have following you so it’s kind of a hassle to even get started especially if you’re new to twitter. it’s stupid.

    another way to get auto-suspended is if you are using twitter thru a proxy because if the ip you’re connecting to was once used by a spammer at some point, your account will get auto-suspended as well. (i.e. using Tor)

    another way to get suspended is if you use an email address from a previously suspended account. i found this out by accident as my account got suspended because i of the following vs follower thing so i had to make another new email address, forgot to use the new email address and used my old one. it kicked me out the twitter registration and when i logged back in my account was suspended.

    another good way to get suspended is by using the official twitter android app. there are two ways i have found this out because they happened to me. if you are logged into twitter via your smartphone and using your account on your pc at the same time, you will get banned. happened to me. also when posting to twitter via the official android app, it doesn’t always send your tweets, sometimes it will put them in the drafts folder for whatever reason. when u go in, you will see all your failed tweets and there is a “send all” button. DO NOT use that send all button, just send the failed tweets one at a time individually. i used the “send all” button and when i logged back into twitter i was suspended. i contacted twitter and they said i was suspended because i sent too many tweets at once so they thought i was using a multi-tweet program. luckily i got my account back.

    but yea, twitter is fail. something else needs to come out. i’m so tired of being too paranoid to use the program in fear of next time i log in i’ll be suspended again for something random and stupid.

  10. That’s the only thing I can think of for my account being suspended. Broke no rules. Only thing I can think of is someone didn’t like 1 of my tweets and reported me as inappropriate. I am in Twitter Jail for Freedom of Speech and no one answers. Twitter is terrible on suspensions.