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What Should I Write About? The Dreaded Question All Over Again

What Should I Write About

Hi there, nice to see you here, and very much welcome to my new blog! :)

Back in 2010, when I first thought of starting a personal blog, I was faced with a crucial question, one that every aspiring blogger has to answer: —What should I write about?

I was completely useless around English back then, just to have an idea, I couldn’t distinguish “your” from “you’re”, and the shear thought of writing would drive shivers down my spine. Only one thing was very clear to me, I wanted to learn how to write and I had a strong conviction that starting my own blog would help me to accomplish that.

Since writing was in itself a big challenge, the next logic step was to chose a topic which I felt confortable with, and after some consideration, the answer was identity design.

I was starting my freelance career back then, and I was considering to specialise in this area as I knew I could take full advantage of my past experiences. Consequently, I was already going to spend enormous amounts of time reading and learning about the process of creating brands, so making the move to write about identity design felt nothing short than the obvious.

So, after making that choice, what happened?

Well, after writing more than 200 blog posts on logo design during a period of about two years, I finally feel that I learned how to write, or at least, to write without feeling the dreaded shiver down the spine. As a matter of fact, writing has become a highly enjoyable activity, so much so, that in 2012 I even started another blog about logos entitled Logoness, and that’s not to count WoordUp, nor any of the blog posts I wrote as a freelancer for other blogs.

Oh, by the way, if you landed on this post because you are considering to start your own blog, here’s my advice to you: do it, do it now, go for it, don’t bother if you can’t write, don’t worry about critics, trust me, you will get better with time. Now, back to the main point.

The whole thing was great really, I’ve learned a new skill, specialised in another, broaden my opportunities, landed on a few gigs, meet some amazing people, and learned some valuable insights along the way. Oh, and not to say that summing up all my blog contributions together, I’ve got more than 2000 blogs posts to tell the story. All of that thanks to blogging.

However, after all of that, two things started to bother me:

  1. It made no sense to keep covering the same topic on two separate blogs;
  2. It made no sense to continue to writing about just one single topic.

While I continued to write about logo design over Logoness, and identity design continues to be a field very close to my heart, I’ve wanted to accomplish more, and to be more specific, I wanted to improve Logoness, to make it better, bigger, faster, more automated, to allow other people to upload their own vector logos, their own portfolios, and more. All of which, stuff that I couldn’t accomplish by myself, simply because I didn’t know how.

It was motivated by that mindset that I chose to migrate all of the logo-related articles from my personal blog to Logoness, a move that I made earlier this year, and without being sure of what sort of topic to cover around here, my personal blog came to a halt.

Also, for the same reason, and around the same time, I’ve started to take coding classes from Treehouse, which by-the-way, if you also want to learn coding, then please use this link. You’ll get the first month 100% free and help me pay my own subscription over there, all without any additional cost to you, so thanks if you do! I’m only sharing their link because this is a service that I really use and I would recommend anyway.

So, after blogging for more than two years, I was once again, faced with that same initial question: —What should I write about? While I thought about relauching this blog many times, I just couldn’t figure out what to write about, well, at least, until today.

I went through a lot of thinking and consideration, and finally figure out. Yey!

So I’m more than glad to announce the rebirth of my personal blog, where I’ll cover aspects of challenges I face as I work on building my personal brand, my freelance career, my online business, my own personal strategies, my takes and thoughts about life in professional and in general terms. This is going to be a truly personal blog, where you will get to know the man behind the brand.

The answer was there, waiting for me, it’s a personal blog after all. Obvious, isn’t it?

With all of that said, I welcome you to participate, comment when you can, and if you are going through a similar situation, get in touch, I’ll be glad to help you, also, if not, just send me a message to say hello, I’ll love that too! And last but not least, please, join my newsletter, just so you don’t miss the awesome stuff that is about to come.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to write about, then drop me an email, tweet me @rayvellest, or circle me on Google+. Either way, I would love to hear from you.