Don’t you love the Internet? I surely do. I make a living out of it, learn absolutely everything I would ever like to learn from it, and sometimes, when I just feel like wasting my precious time, there are plenty of useless websites to visit.

These are some of the most useless websites I’ve found during my occasional StumbleUpon browsing sessions. Enjoy!

This is a Dangerous Website (You Have Been Warned)

Staggering Beauty Website Screenshot

Staggering Beauty is a website that is a real danger to your health and it comes with an epilepsy warning. The toy on the page looks a bit like those blow-air figures used by car lots to catch your attention and when you shake it vigorously the entire page goes psychedelic!

This Will Take Light Years Away from Being Productive

Starfield Website Screenshot

Starfield is a website that allows you to boldly go where no browser cursor has gone before. You can pretend to fly at warp speed to through the universe. Click your mouse button for a speed boost!

If you Like Cats, You Might as Well Make them Bounce

Cat Bounce Website Screenshot

If you love cats chances are that Cat Bounce is going to be your favorite procrastinating website. You can pick them up and drop for a never-ending bouncing fun. No cats were harmed in the making of the website.

These Many Lines Will Cause an Explosion of Creativity

Many Lines Website Screenshot

If you are just feeling like drawing something using many lines at the same time, well, that’s what Many Lines website is all about. There are a few options to turn on and off, such colors and the numbers of lines, but the result will depend on your illustrative skills.

This is How Rorschach Sees the World Behind His Mask

WeaveSilk Website

On the same line as Many Lines, and an exercise in relaxation is Weave Silk, and interactive silk art generator that allows you to create beautifully mirrored silk-like artwork. Oh, and if you are curious, this is Rorschach.

What do you think of these websites? Which one is your favorite? Do you know any useless website that is worth including in my silly list?

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