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This Blog is Dead

This blog is dead!? Well, perhaps that’s a somewhat of a sensationalist overstatement, but let me quickly get to the point, I’ll not write about logo design on this blog anymore. That’s it. The end. Das end. Fin. Finito. Finis. Wow! That’s a biggie, so blog no more?

Well, not really. I’ll not stop writing about logo design, neither terminate the best logo design of the week series, which has been a great success since its started. In a matter of fact, I’ll probably be writing even more in depth articles and tutorials, what is really changing is where I’ll be doing that. Are you picturing where I’m going with this?

Back in September 2012, I decided to start Logoness, which at first, I pictured it as being exclusively a gallery with high quality free vector logos for download, but as time passed, I started to see it in a different way, I’ve created a blog area over there, and I’m thinking of expanding it even more, maybe with a portfolio gallery and possibly a forum area.

My vision for Logoness expanded, and I’m aiming to make it the ultimate resource website for logo design on the web. In order to make that happen, I’m planning to dedicate a good deal of time improving my web development skills. All and all, I always feel like learning more coding, and this seems like a great opportunity to accomplish exactly that.

Yes, I know, it’s a bold plan, but hey, I feel really inspired by it. 🙂

With all of that, it becomes easy to understand the reasoning behind my decision, it doesn’t make much sense to spend so much time writing about logo design on two separate blogs, while also working on to get my coding skills up to scratch.

I had to change something in my daily schedule, and writing less for my personal blog is what I chose to do, but don’t think that was an easy decision to make. Whenever you invest so much time and effort in a blog, the chances are, you develop some emotional attachment to it. It takes a real long time before anyone actually starts to care about what you are writing, but when they do, you get a sense of responsibility to keep on blogging.

I know I do. Making such move should never be taken lightly.

While I don’t plan to stop writing for my personal blog, I expect to see a big drop in visits here, as I’ll be consolidating all logo design related posts over Logoness. So if you’ve been visiting my blog for logo design inspiration, some advice on branding, maybe tutorials and freebies, don’t worry, you’ll still find all of that over there, and more.

I’m still not sure what sorts of topics I’ll be covering here on my personal blog yet, perhaps I’ll end up writing more posts such as this this one, more about the person behind the brand, and less about the brand? Perhaps more blog posts about the challenges of being a freelancer? Or even about the activity of blogging itself? Either way, I’m sure of one thing only, is not going to be about logo design, so please, by all means, feel free to suggest topics.

I would love to hear your opinions about this move, and if you are a blogger, would you do something like that? Or perhaps you’ve done it already? What do you think?

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