When it comes to improving your website positions in the search page results, you should focus on one goal above all else: raising your website authority.

A few years ago, search engines would measure a website authority almost exclusively based on the total number of backlinks. Nowadays, building website authority is as much about as the quality of backlinks as it is about quantity.

I’m starting to see a rush of businesses of all sizes reaching out to influential bloggers to secure placements in their blogs, and consequently, gain those valuable backlinks that help to raise the authority of their websites.

The process of finding relevant bloggers, as well as their contact details, and assessing their level of influence in their own niches can easily become a cumbersome and boring task. So, here are some of the most popular blogger outreach tools out there.


BuzzSumo Website Screenshot

BuzzSumo is the most popular blog outreach tools out there and is used by digital marketers worldwide. It allows you to quickly find bloggers and social media influencers based on specific topics, on an analysis of the type of content they most share, as well as the size of their audience on social media channels, and much more.

Another great feature in BuzzSumo is its fresh content search tool where you can monitor the web for content that is relevant to your business for curation purposes, to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, or perhaps, just to help you come up with ideas of new content for your own website.

Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach Website Screenshot

NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach tool built by internet marketers for internet marketers. It allows users to search for a topic or a headline and it will, in turn, scan reliable sources like Google, Moz, and Alexa among others to return details of related web pages, their traffic, and social engagement information, SEO metrics, and even contact details of bloggers.

Aside from helping with research, NinjaOutreach also provides an outreach management system with personalized templates and automatic email. Like a real outreach ninja, you will also be able to see statistical data on which email templates are working based on the click-through rate, open-rate and reply rate.


Tomoson Website Screenshot

When it comes to managing outreach campaigns Tomoson allows you to connect with influencers of all sizes, from A-listers with millions of followers to micro-influencers with access to small communities of 500 to 5,000 followers.

Tomoson search feature allows you to look for influencers based on a specific keyword, and each influencer page displays details about their social media audience, their total reach, and average engagement of their community.


Buzzstream Website Screenshot

BuzzStream‘s strongest selling point is its easy-to-use interface which allows you not only to find influencers that matter to your business but also manage your outreach campaigns in such way that you have access to information about your influencers all at once.

BuzzStream understands that communicating with targeted bloggers may not solely rely on an exchange of emails, so it enables marketers to organize all sorts of communications with a particular connection such as tweets and emails in a single place.


Traackr Website Screenshot

Where tools like BuzzStream let you keep track of conversations, Traackr allows for you to look at influencer relationship.

After you have made introductions to a particular influencer, Traackr lets you see how much impact you are making in each other’s online presence. Have they engaged with your post or not? Did they mention you or posted your link?

Traackr uses the social listening tool which allows real-time tracking of influencer content and network visualization map which shows the connections between influencers and the people that are both in and out of your network.


Pitchbox Website Screenshot

With so many features packed in a single place, Pitchbox comes across as the blogger outreach tools of the blogger outreach tools. Here are some of its most important features:

  • Finding potential influencers based on niche, their contact details and social media profiles plus website URL and more
  • Integration of email clients. All your inboxes synced in one place to keep you from jumping back and forth tabs.
  • Customizable email templates allow for a more personalized connection with potential influencers.
  • Automated follow-up means you can stay in touch with prospects despite your busy schedule.
  • Relationship manager. Lets you keep track of existing relationships with bloggers.
  • Performance reporting. This feature lets you measure your success with the steps that you are making towards your blogger outreach campaigns.

Pitchbox might have a steeper learning curve than other tools but if jump on this bandwagon you might not need any other tool than Pitchbox.


Klear Website Screenshot

Klear focuses on speed allowing digital marketers to quickly find influential people on various social media platforms. It also acts as a keyword listening tool so you know when people are talking about your brand. This allows you to take solid steps in creating a more positive feedback and interact with your customers online.


With so many tools out there, I suspect you might be thinking, how the hell am I going to know which tool is the right one for me? So, here’s my view on that. The most important aspect of blogger outreach is building relationships, so the tool that best helps you accomplish that is the tool you should be using.

When you establish a solid relationship with influencers, aside from getting that so much needed backlink to your website, you will also open the doors to future partnerships, and perhaps even better, recommendations of other influencers that can continue to help you build your website authority in the long term.

What do you think of these tools? Have you ever used any of these before? Do you know any other good blogger outreach tools?