When it comes to boosting focus and improving productivity, the one hack I keep coming back to time after time is listening to ambient noise while working.

My daily routine requires me to sit long hours in front of a computer screen, and sometimes, on days when I feel mentally drained, it is just a bit harder than usual to find the right amount of focus to get things done.

In order to find that focus, I often tune in to Spotify‘s purposely built playlists, such as Deep Focus and Deep Concentration playlists. What you will notice about the songs in these playlists is that they are all non-lyrical ambient music.

If you haven’t tried anything like that yet, you might find that listening to these ambient tracks might just put you the productive zone.

But after many years of experimenting with a variety of hacks to boost my productivity levels, I found that there is nothing like listening to random ambient noises, such as the background noise of a coffee shop, the sound of rain and thunder, or even, a nerdy RPG Dungeons & Dragons-like soundtrack.

The obvious thing about this ambient background noises is that they all fill in the void of silence without adding the distraction of lyrics. What is not so obvious, is that there is a great deal of science behind this hack. As a matter of fact, a study published by the University of Chicago concluded that ambient noise has a positive effect which improves mental creative processes.

Ambient Noise Websites to Boost Your Productivity

If you do your own research, you will find that are plenty of ambient noise websites on the web, so to help you save some time, here are the ones I like to use the most.


Coffitivity Website Screenshot

Coffitivity is very unique, even amongst this category of websites, as it plays the actual recordings of a coffee shop.

If you find that working on a coffee shop makes you productive, but you want to avoid overpaying for coffee every time you want to focus, then Coffitivity is the perfect ambient noise for you.

Noises Online

Noises Online Website Screenshot

With an easy to use interface and a wide variety of sounds to chose from, Noises Online is one of the best ambient noise sites out there.

My Noise

MyNoise Website Screenshot

Created by sound engineer Stephane Pigeon, MyNoise is one of the best in this category with a wide variety of creative ambient sounds, from Space Odyssey, to Traffic Noise, and the nerdy Dark World.


Noisli Website Screenshot

If you want a simple interface and just enough options to bring your mind into focus, then Noisli is the option for you.

Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood Website Screenshot

Quite possibly, Rainy Mood is the simplest ambient noise website of them all, but that doesn’t subtract from the fact that if you are most productive on rainy days, then this is the site to get you in the right mood.

What is Your Productivity Hack?

Personally, I can tell you that my productivity improves dramatically on the days I’m listening to ambient noise.

What about you? Do they work for you as well? Do you have any suggestions of other websites or apps made to boost productivity and increase focus with the use of ambient noise? Feel free to share with other readers in the comments below!